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Uncompromising Results. Unwavering Integrity.

About Monfort Advisory

Monfort Advisory Group assists clients in achieving their objectives through intelligence and gathering evidence. The company was formed in 2017 and operates as a private research and intelligence team for its clients. Monfort specializes in customized litigation support, crisis management, competitive intelligence, and due diligence. Monfort is your private intelligence team – dynamic, creative, and providing tailor-made and personal service to its clients.
Monfort Advisory has worked with clients from various sectors. The company provides services to high-profile financial institutions, law firms, advisory firms, energy companies, industrial corporations, international NGOs, and more. Monfort has built its reputation by providing its clients with the desired results. We are here to provide our clients with quality information critical to decision-making and win legal cases.


Our commitments:

Achieving results

Monfort is result-oriented. Accomplishing the clients’ goals is of paramount importance to us.

Being transparent and ethical

Our goal is to provide information and evidence without compromising our values. We strive to act with complete transparency and accountability in everything we do, especially when engaging with our clients.

Mr. Shay Zavaro

Monfort Advisory’s Managing Director, Mr. Shay Zavaro, has been immersed in the business world in Israel and the UK since completing his graduate degree in International Political Economy at King’s College, London. Mr. Zavaro brings to Monfort a strong understanding of the dynamics and drivers of each market, and – crucially – how they interplay and affect one another.

Advisory Board

Shay Datika
Shay Datika


Mr. Shy Datika is the founder and president of INX – a fully-regulated in US, digital asset trading platform. Mr Datika has vast experience in the Israeli, European and American financial and regulatory markets and over 25 years of experience in capital markets, trading and building networks and technology plays in the banking and financial industries.  Mr Datika currently sits on the Board of the Investments Committee at Altshuler Shaham Provident and Pension Funds – that manage 140  Billion dolars

Avi Benayahu
Avi Benayahu

Brigadier General (Reserve) Avi BenayahuFormer Spokesperson for Israel Defense Forces. Strategic, communication, and crisis management consultant. Accompanies and consults clients, and local and international organizations

Tomer Zaharovich
Tomer Zaharovich

Mr. Tomer Zaharovich is a certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and a Strategic Consultant with vast experience in practical compliance, strategic consultancy and training for FIs, Banks, Fintech firms, Funds, Law firms, Governments and BI companies around the world. He has served as Senior Manager at PwC Israel, leading the International Compliance and Regulatory Services practice, Head of Compliance and Business Development for one of the largest israeli banks, and Head of Compliance for a large global financial institution in the UK and EU.

Michal Franco Kedmi
Michal Franco Kedmi

Ms. Michal Franco Kedmiis an East Med Energy professional with 12 years of public and private sector experience. After serving as the Chief of Staff to the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Ms Kedmi was appointed as commercial and regulation manager at BG group, ranked as leading company in the fields of LNG and NG. Ms Kedmi also founded an energy consulting business and consulted to various global and local companies and firms

Nadav Barkan
Nadav Barkan
Adv. Nadav Barkan is an energy specialist with vast experience in the Israeli energy sector.
In recent years Mr. Barkan is focusing on the renewable energies market, leading the development activity of a large global company in Israel.
Between 2005 to 2013, Mr. Barkan worked in the Prime Minister’s Office, where he held various operational positions.

A. R. is an intelligence and security specialist, and the founder and owner of a well-known business solutions company. A. was active in the field of intelligence in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office for about 30 years before retiring as a Colonel. He comes from the field of operational intelligence and has expertise in the field of HUMINT. A. has worked in the civilian business intelligence industry for more than a decade. A. currently provides a wide variety of services in the field of security, international investigations, technology, and consulting in the international private and public sectors.

Our Services

Investigative Research

Meticulous fact-based research is essential when specific pieces are missing from a puzzle. At that point, information becomes a powerful tool for analysis and actionable insights. Investigative research examines all leads and connects all the dots based on research and reliable intelligence. Monfort’s experience, dedicated team, diligence, methodology, and creative thinking ensure that no stone is left unturned and that clients receive clear answers based on facts.

Competitive research and intelligence

Monfort helps its clients better assess their objectives and understand their competition, providing them a competitive edge in today’s market. We do so by providing our clients with clear information on market trends and assessing their competitors through investigative research. Monfort helps its clients adjust their competitive strategies by providing meaningful intelligence.

Litigation support

Monfort helps its clients win cases by assessing the feasibility of obtaining strategic evidence, devising unique strategies to obtain evidence, and carrying out these strategies. We are guided by the client’s legal teams and ensure that all evidence provided is legally admissible and usable for our clients.

Disputes and crisis management

Crisis and disputes emerge in many forms, but in every case, information is crucial for effectively managing the situation. Monfort gathers such information for its clients to manage their crises or disputes better. We always aim to obtain strategic information to resolve the situation before it spirals out of control. We are not here to overpromise but to help you manage your crisis or avoid it in the best way possible.

Enhanced due diligence

We are there to make sure our clients have all the information they need to make important business decisions. We look through the haystack in search of the needle. We track down red flags and assess regulatory and legal conduct to ensure our clients avoid potential exposure.

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